Veterans Affordable HomeOwnership Program
Veterans Affordable HomeOwnership Program

10 Ways to Support or Donate

Opt 1: Real Estate R&R – Referral & Relocation transaction program 

Simply refer to VAHOP the contact information of any family members, relatives, friends or co-workers interested in selling or buying real estate anywhere in the Continental U.S. Through this program the seller or buyer selects any real estate agent they want. Upon making the selection of an agent we will put in place an agreement with the agent(s) involved to donate between 25 to 100% of the commissions earned to VAHOP. There is absolutely NO cost to the seller or buyer. This is nothing new to real estate agents across the country as there are thousands of them advertising to participate in this type of referral & relocation opportunity for clients. Agents receive a tax deductible donation receipt. Example: $500K transaction can generate a donation from $3,750 to as much as $30,000 based on an agent’s cooperation.


Opt 2: Traditional donations 

For those individuals, businesses and non-profits who wish to make a tax deductible cash donation.


Opt 3: Pledging - Community Impact Investing – soft money at cost secured loan 

With an available line of credit or having the ability to borrow a donor can commit all or a portion of those resources available to VAHOP to buy and improve land and or homes as soon as enough money is allocated for a specific project. Property purchased will secure the loan and be the source of repayment when the project is completed and sold to a veteran. VAHOP will fully repay the principle. The donor’s deductible contribution is the hard cost incurred to borrow the loaned amount.


Opt 4: Pledging - Social Impact Venture Philanthropy Loan – secured and includes ROI Similar to Option 3, but VAHOP will pay a return on the investment negotiated on a per project basis.


Opt 5: Crowdfunding campaign for both For-Profit & Non-Profits

( e.g.: for non-profits ) More information to follow… See our website for details.


Opt 6: In-Kind giving

Instead of giving money to buy needed goods and services, the goods and services themselves are given. An inkind donation is the transfer of any other type of asset than cash or stock. Types of giving include volunteering labor on a work party, interior / exterior building materials, appliances, fixtures, furniture, tools, landscaping and garden equipment.


Opt 7: Adopt-A-Vet

Allows the donor to select an individual veteran, couple, family or specific project to designate how their donation is used. Adoptions start at $1,000. You can follow your favorite veteran(s) online with updates, photos, videos and news.


Opt 8: Matching funds

If you would like to incentivize others to support our mission you can offer to match donations made in a specific time frame and capped at a specified amount similar to those done at KDFC,KQED and other orgs.


Opt 9: Monthly Giving annual membership

Donate a preset amount monthly for 1 year with option to renew as a private party or employee contribution through your employer. Check with your accountant or CPA for pre-tax options.


Opt 10: Other options e.g.: Vehicle Donation, Planned Giving and Legacy Gifts

Donation of vehicles, air craft & boats are accepted. Planned giving through a will or trust along with Legacy gifts from those who wish to be remembered for their charitable wishes and values are welcome.


Consult a tax advisor for ideas Donors receive an invitation to a "Welcome Home" housewarming party hosted by VAHOP for each home completion.

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